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The Lockton Accountant Insurance Program provides integral insurance for you, so you can provide financial care for your clients.

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Professional Liability Insurance for accountants

As an accountant, you face a multitude of risks, and Professional Liability Insurance is a critical piece of protection for you, your career and your firm.

Professional Liability Insurance covers certain legal fees, judgments or settlements resulting from claims and litigation brought against you for the services you provide. Our Professional Liability program is designed specifically for accountants and firms.

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When you partner with us, you receive benefits beyond insurance, including:

Broad definition of professional services

Coverage includes investment advisory and life agent services, business valuation, litigation support, trustee and executor services and other consulting work.

Industry-specific supplemental coverages

Add-on unlimited subpoena expense coverage, disciplinary and regulatory coverage, network security and privacy protection, discrimination complaint coverage and various deductible and expense reimbursement incentives.

Pre-claim assistance

Receive unlimited access to our loss control risk management services, with attorneys and CPAs on retainer.

Best-in-class risk management services

Reduce your risks with services like engagement letter and website reviews, NASBA-approved webinars, industry updates, CPA alerts, quality control documents and marketing material reviews.

Cyber liability insurance

If you keep client data such as contact details and credit card information, you could be at risk for a cyber-attack.

Cyber liability insurance offers protection from the growing threat of cyber risks, such as privacy breaches, computer system disruptions, malware, ransomware and more.

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Business owners products

Owning a business comes with many responsibilities. Let Lockton Affinity help you manage risk with our products designed for company coverage.

Business Owners Policy

A BOP offers property and general liability. Property insurance protects your building and its contents. General liability covers damages for personal injury and property damage.

Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation protects your organization from costs associated with work-related employee injuries.

Business Interruption

Business Interruption helps make up for lost income in the event a fire, break-in or other event disrupts your business operations.

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About Lockton Affinity Accountant

Lockton Affinity is part of Lockton Companies, the world’s largest privately-held, independent insurance broker, and one of the most respected firms in the industry.

Lockton Affinity has been providing best-in-class insurance for professionals like you for more than 30 years, and our reputation in the industry is unparalleled. In fact, we custom tailor, implement and manage insurance solutions to provide a best-in-class insurance experience.


We shop around for the right insurance carrier for our programs, ensuring you receive the most complete coverage at the right cost.

We will get you covered quickly and easily, so you can get back to your work. We handle claims efficiently, too.

We have a knowledgeable service team committed to making the insurance process easier for you. Whether you have a complex claim or a simple question, a real person will answer when you call.

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